Top Spring Fitness Crazes – Lose those lockdown pounds.

If you live in NSW or VIC and everything, including your usual exercise or workout routine, has been turned upside down and left behind along with your social life, you’re not alone.

With spring now here, and warmer weather on the horizon, many of us are looking for motivation to get moving and ways to lose those lockdown pounds.

To save you time we’ve done the research for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the top spring fitness crazes that you can try, no matter what your current situation.

Walk and talk

It might seem obvious, but walking is one of the best forms of low impact exercise and has the added benefits of being great for your mental health, as well as being a perfect way to explore and get to know your neighbourhood, local parks, and hiking trails.

This year, taking a walk during virtual meetings, or a quick break to walk around the block while working from home has become more popular and widely accepted.

When restrictions allow, going for a walk with a friend is also one of the most COVID-19 safe ways to socialise so get ready for lots of walking catch-ups when outdoor meetings are allowed.

Stay hydrated on your walks with a personalised reusable, stylish metal water bottle, or a custom insulated travel mug for your morning smoothie or midday coffee.

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Picnics in the park

Outdoor gatherings are one of the first types of in-person socialising that will be allowed post-lockdown, and because of this, and the warmer weather, picnics are going to be more popular than ever this spring.

Be prepared and on trend with a personalised insulated picnic basket with a carry strap, or vintage esky cooler box to live your best picnic life.

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Short high intensity workouts

For those low on time, or motivation, short high intensity workouts or high intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most efficient and effective ways to exercise.

Some studies even suggest that short bursts of high intensity exercise are better for weight loss than longer, less intense workouts.

With gyms closed during this lockdown, home HIIT workouts that require no equipment are common and in demand online, with 10-to-20-minute full body HIIT workouts being the most popular. If you want to lose weight in a certain area of your body, try looking up a no equipment HIIT workout targeting that area and try it out at home.

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Virtual fitness challenges

During lockdowns, virtual fitness challenges have become increasingly popular. One of the most well-known is the Mount Everest Virtual Challenge where you complete the 64km journey to the world’s highest peak by doing distance-based exercises such as walking, running, or cycling until you reach the goal.

Many undertake these challenges and post their progress on social media to hold themselves accountable and encourage others to get involved.

One of the most popular fitness challenge providers, The Conqueror, will even send you a medal in the mail to celebrate each challenge you complete. Reward yourself even more with a personalised enamel camping mug perfect for all your virtual and real adventures.

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Working out while working from home

Research suggests that many employees working from home are putting in longer hours and spending more time at their desks than before the pandemic began. Getting up and doing a workout after spending all day at your desk can be difficult, and many are looking for simple ways to move their body more throughout their workday.

Articles on ‘exercises you can do from the couch’ and ‘three-minute hourly exercises to incorporate into your work day’ have become common due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but while they offer some easy options for movement while working from home you still have to stop working and take a break to do them.

One popular option which solves this issue is the bike desk, which is exactly like it sounds: an exercise bike with a desk attached so you can exercise your legs while you work.

So, if you’re going to try moving around more every hour while working at your desk, or get a desk bike, make sure your favourite desk beverage is safe and spill-proof with this custom reusable glass keep cup.

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So, whatever your situation this spring, you’ve got no excuses but to start moving and shed your lockdown skin!

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Team PF. X